How to apply

Step-by-step Instructions

Holding Pestie box
  1. Hand with glove pouring Pestie home barrier pesticide into bag.

    Fill the included application bag with water. Carefully open and pour the pesticide concentrate into the application bag. Make sure not to spill any outside of the bag.

  2. Hand with glove drizzling hose water in Pestie home barrier.

    For liquid pesticides, fill the emptied pesticide bottle with water and pour back into the application bag three times so that you use all the product.

  3. Hand with glove screwing on cap.

    Insert tube and sprayer assembly into the bag. Screw on the cap. Before spraying, shake the bag well to mix the formula.

  4. Woman spraying Pestie on foundation of house.

    Holding the sprayer about 2 feet away, lightly spray the foundation of your home in a 4 foot band, 2 feet up the side of the home and 2 feet away from the home on the ground.

  5. Ariel view of house with green band around the base of it.

    Try to pace yourself so that you spray a consistent amount around the foundation of your home without running out before completing. A little goes a long way!

  6. Man spraying Pestie on garage door opening.

    Spray around windows (avoiding the glass), door frames, window wells, and garage door openings.

  7. Woman spraying Pestie under a wood deck.

    Optionally spray porches, decks, inside your garage, and anywhere else you've seen bugs.

  8. Man spraying Pestie inside on baseboards.

    If you're seeing a lot of bugs inside, you can treat indoors on baseboards, under large appliances, or wherever else you've seen bugs.

  9. Man spraying Pestie on foundation of house.

    If you have any leftover mixture, spray around your home again until the bag is empty. Make sure to apply all of the mixed pesticide; once mixed with water, it cannot be stored overnight.

  10. Woman with her child sitting on a couch with a dog infront.

    The pesticide needs to fully dry before allowing people or animals to come in contact with treated areas. Usually this takes less than an hour.

  11. Pestie box with Pestie sprayer inside sitting on a garage shelf.

    Store the sprayer in the box for your next application. Dispose of the application bag and gloves.

  12. Woman crouched down holding Pestie box at the frontdoor.

    If you have a subscription, your next shipment will come automatically when it's time to reapply. Each shipment comes with a new application bag, gloves, and pesticide concentrate.